International Learning Centre (ILC), is an English Academy located at the 4th Floor of a J Centre Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu. Our academy has been running since 2008 for English camps until the present and now a new campus is founded to give students a better conducive learning environment. ILC provides learning opportunities for English language students of diverse nationalities by promoting the daily usage of English for faster acquisition of English. Furthermore, students can choose from various courses that suit their learning needs and occupational purposes.
1. Maximize Usage of English
  • English in Action

  • Learn + Practice + Use

  • Mission and Activity in English

  • Teachers from Education University

  • Proficiency Based Curriculum

  • Daily Engagement in English

  • English Only Policy

2. Convenience and Accessibility
  • School and Mall in ONE AREA

  • Variety of convenient facilities

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • CCTV and 24/7 security guards

3. Fun and Entertainment
  • Various entertainment facilities

  • Direct usage of Sky Water Park

  • Place to relax and unwind

  • Resort and Tourist Spot  

       (aided by travel agencies)

Convenient Learning Environment
ILC has the best environment for learning as it is located on the upper floor of a shopping mall. There are a lot of opportunities for students to interact with people who speak English as they go around throughout the day.
Enthusiastic Professional Teachers and Staff
International Learning Centre (ILC) hires professional teachers from the best education universities in Cebu. Trainings and seminars are given to teachers to fully equip the students excellent coaching to acquire fluency of the English language.
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